Tuesday, June 8, 2010

essay 3

Am not going to be able to drop off the essay #3 but i will be done by 5 today. Is it possible if i can email the essay to you today and then drop off the copy tomorrow in your email? Am sorry for the delay

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blog #5

Steve Hamilton was a pitcher debuted in 1961 for the Cleveland Indians. From the very beginning of the interview in Studs Terkel “Working”, the idea of the interview was to capture and reveal the conditions of the lifestyle of a baseball player in the 1960’s as well as somewhat evaluating how the baseball environment effected his personality. The interview reviews how Steve Hamilton truly see’s himself in the baseball game as an average baseball player due to the other big name superstars he had played with such as Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, and Willie Mays. When he would walk down the streets and people would recognize him, he had a sense of joy and proud because it is part of the game Hamilton explains. In the game of baseball talent and age comes hand in hand. When he was being scout, he lied about his age saying he was 21 when in fact he was 23 “if you’ve got two prospects of equal ability one kid’s twenty and I’m twenty-three, they’ve ganna take the bow that’s twenty (Terkel 267)”. In order to be given a professional contract or even consideration, one must have developed the reputation before hitting 25 years of age. Lucky for Hamilton, he was able to think on his feet by given himself an opportunity to live his dream by lying. The 1960’s carried a lot of history such as the Cuban missile crises, John F. Kennedy elected president in 1961, and Martin Luther King gives his “I have a dream” speech in 1963.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Thinking about Work

My first job went well for the first 6 months out of a year working in duane reade as a photo technician. Honestly i had no idea how i landed this job as i had appply to work on the cash register. The pay was 7.15 an hour minimum wage and after 6 months with the company i was allowed to demand a raise of 15 cents. Once I saw my paycheck with the increase in pay I was thinking more about the money than the job and found out that a photo technician minimum wage is higher than a cashier making about 7.40 an hour and I never got that raise. The one thing that i learned before i was fired for reasons i won't meantion is that during this time where jobs are hard to find, determining if a job is good or not is based on how much you are going to earn is not the best way to think. I was consume of how much i wanted to earn making my job miserable and now that i need money, i dont have a JOB! Growing up i was raised like any other children in america to accomplish your dreams and live the american, accomplish the uncomplishable, my expectations of having a job didnt look all to hard to earn a buck.